Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Greetings from UW-Marinette's New Blogger

Hello everyone who has decided to follow the blog thing for UW- Marinette! I'm Lukas Gareau, and I'll be doing my best to keep you entertained. I'll try to put up at least two blogs a week, so bear with me. 

For my first blog, I guess I'll just tell you some things about myself. Super exciting yeah, I know. So anywho, I'm from this super small town in Northeastern Wisconsin, about and hour and a half north of Marinette. Florence, WI, to be exact. Many of you may not know where that is, but yeah, that's where I grew up. 

Why did I choose to come to UW-Marinette? Well the thing where you go to UW-Marinette for two years, and after that you can transfer to any UW school sounded pretty cool to me. And it's close to home, which is probably a reason for many of the students here. But even with it being close to home for me, it's still far away enough to have to live in Marinette. To me, it's nice to escape home for a little bit. 

I live in student housing, and not even kidding, the apartments are pretty legit. I live with two of my brosephs from Florence, and the apartment works great. Not gonna lie though, living with someone new can be a shock. Especially if someone living with you is kind of lazy. Now it's not really a big deal, and it's not gonna cause any problems, but we're through over two months of the semester, and one of my roommates has only done the dishes three times. Yes. Me and my other roommate count. He also likes to leave cans, cups, bowls, etc. in various places throughout the week. My other roommate and I refer to this as the "collection."We've come to just be like whatever. But honestly, if you're someone that likes to have everything clean and organized, do some research on the person you plan on moving in with, or you could find yourself a month into the semester realizing you want to strangle your roommate. Well hopefully not that extreme, but you know what I'm saying.

Okay, well that seems like a decent length for my first blog. I'm out.

Yours truly,
Lukas Gareau #gschnapps

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TOB's How I Learned to Drive- Free tonight for students!

Theatre on the Bay is opening "How I Learned to Drive" on Friday, April 5, but UW-Marinette students can attend tonight at 7:30 for free!

Here is a word about the play:

Li'l Bit's story begins when she is 11 years old and molested by Uncle Peck during a driving lesson. She is too young to understand what happened, and while her mother suspects what happened, she does nothing to protect her daughter.

As Li’l bit grows into adolescence, she must deal with the fact that family and classmates value her looks over her intelligence. Although Peck continues to molest her, the relationship is complicated by the fact that he is the one person who is kind to her and supports her wish to go to college.

Here is a link to a short video which explains the play a bit more:
"How I Learned to Drive"

I hope you all decide to attend, I have been to previous TOB productions and they all turn out amazing.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Back!

Getting back into the rhythm of classes after spring break can be a bit tough, but I'm here to keep you on the bright side! We're already half way through the school year and that means a meer 8 weeks left. Eight weeks might sound like a lot, but think of how fast the first eight weeks went by. And that eight weeks gives you a chance to bring up some of those midterm grades that might not have been where you wanted them to be. All we have to do is keep working hard this last stretch.

Another thing to look forward to is the warm weather that will soon be approaching! Not much longer and that extra sweatshirt won't be needed and we can wear flip-flops without the fear that you'll lose a toe. Some of you might have traveled some place warm for break, I happened to travel to New Orleans with the Student United Way to help hurricane victims, and coming back to snow on the ground is sure tough, but keep a positive mind set and soon enough that warm weather will be ours! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Me and My Soapbox- Why I chose UW-Marinette

Hello Everyone!

I'm Michelle and I will be your blogger for the time being. I'm going to start of with telling you a bit about myself and why I chose UW-Marinette. Enjoy =)

Well for starters I dwell in this lovely town of Marinette and attended Marinette High. All through high school I was an over-achiever and a straight A student. When the time came to start thinking about what college I would go to after I graduated, I automatically started thinking of 4-year universities. Why would I consider a 2-year campus? People who were undecided or uncommitted went to 2-year campus', not 4.0 students that knew what they wanted to major in (Pre-Med Psychology). So I chose my path and applied to schools and was accepted and all was peachy. But then I attended a financial aid meeting at my school in January, hosted by the brilliant Cindy Bailey. After the meeting my eyes were opened to how much money I could save by going to UW-Marinette for the first two years. My dad was also about to have a heart-attack over how much it was going to cost for 4-year schooling. But I was not yet convinced. I still had questions such as if a medical school look down on me for have attending 2-year college.  So I talked with people including my guidance counselors, a current psychologist, and a current psychiatrist. All of them said the same thing, 2-year campus' are a great start and no school will look down upon you for starting at one. I was getting closer to applying, but I was still on the fence, so I did some math. And it turns out that by going to UW-Marinette that I could save more than $30,000! Don't believe me? Here is my math.

An average year of tuition at my previous school of choice (UW-Milwaukee), is around $9,000. Room and board is another $8,000. Add in all the other expenses such as books and traveling costs, total cost of admission is estimated around $22,000. Double that for two years and you come to $44,000. We then subtract the cost of tuition at UW-Marinette for two years, $10,000, and we come to a savings of $34,000.

Now I know everyone just can't wait to get out of the house and be on their own. But $34,000 is a lot of money. Not to mention you could keep up a part-time job easily and earn even more.

Saving money isn't the only benefit of starting off at UW-Marinette. Many students continue to live at home while commuting to campus (although we do offer student housing). By continuing to live at home you have the ability to focus on the step up in academic level of college and not have to worry about all the stresses of living on your own at the same time. For two years you can focus on getting acclimated to the new work load and style of learning in college, and then after you have that all figured out, you transfer out and are able to enjoy the new freedom instead of worrying.

One bonus that I was able to reep because of my achievement in high school is that I am able to finish my two-year degree in one year, something that would be very difficult to manage at a 4-year university. By doing this I will be saving even more money and now I'll shave a year off my graduation time. So if you happen to be like me and are coming out of high school with various college credits under your belt, don't let them go to waste.

I realize there are many stigma's out there about two-year colleges, I once held every one of them. But after my first semester, I wouldn't change a thing. The class sizes are amazing; I have 5 people in my Spanish class and my largest has 28. The professors are even better. Each one is approachable and genuinely excited when you stop in to ask them a question or even just to chat. And I will have to admit that one of my favorite things about campus, something I know many of my 4-year campus friends would kill for, is the tiny walking distance from building to building. Something I don't think many prospective students think about until it's raining cats and dogs.

So that's a little bit about me and a lot of my soapbox!
I hope to have opened someone's eyes out there and helped them realize the many perks of UW-Marinette.


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